CCIL and MTO approved Concrete, Asphalt, Soil and Aggregate Laboratory

Certified by CNSC for Use and Carrying of Nuclear Gauges

Inspection and Testing Services which Orbit Provides:

• Ready-Mix concrete sampling and testing; slump, entrained air, compressive strength
• Nuclear Density Gauge to Carry Out In‐Situ Compaction Testing

• Rapid Chloride Permeability Testing (RCPT)

• Tensile Bond Testing

• Dowel Pull-out Testing

• Asphalt Full Marshall and Gradation

• Air Void Sample Analysis (AVS)

• Detailed Condition Survey for Bridge Structures, Parking Garages & All Other Concrete Components
• Visual Inspection of Structures (OSIM)
• Asphalt & Concrete Coring and Testing
• Tieback Anchor Performance and Proof Test Monitoring
• Reinforcing Steel & Structural Steel Inspection
• Soil Bearing Capacity; Spread Footings, Caissons and Driven Piles
• Chemical and Physical Testing of Soil

Geotechnical & Pavement
Concrete Technology
Laboratory Testing
Inspection and Testing


Water Resources

Building Science & Land Surveying

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