Orbit specializes in the fields of:

• Geotechnical engineering including roads, highways, high rise, low rise and municipal services;
• Inspection and testing services including foundation, pavement, concrete & asphalt testing;
• Hydrogeology, water resources, watershed management, and dam safety reviews,
• Environmental services phase 1 and 2 ESA, remediation, RSC, Risk Assessment, PSBA Section PS 3260;
• Contract and construction administration
• Building science, fire safety systems, Bulletin 19 FRC;
• Bridge OSIM inspections and condition surveys;
• Acoustic, vibration and instrumentation services.
• Land Surveys including a full range of legal and construction surveying services.


To serve our clients better and cover all the Ontario’s market, Orbit is divided into the following line of services:

• Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) Committee;
• Quality Control and Quality Assurance (QC/QA) Group;
• Building Science Division;
• Geotechnical Services Division;
• Materials Engineering and Testing Division; and,
• Water Resources and Environmental Division.

The full range of services including investigation, survey, feasibility, design, construction planning, project management or any combination of aforesaid services is provided by a competent team of professionals to specifically meet the client’s needs.


Orbit has a very strong commitment to health and safety and has extensive systems in place to ensure continuous improvement and protection of the health & safety of its staff, clients, contractors and general public. Orbit commits to an Occupational Health and Safety Policy Statement and specific and relevant safe work procedures that meet all company and public regulations.

Orbit HSSE systems include:

• A Safety Management Plan;
• A documented Incident or Accident investigation procedure;
• A Job Safety Analysis (JSA) system for identifying hazards, evaluating risks and implementing controls;
• Extensive consultation between management and employees on HSSE matters;
• Full compliance with the Code of Practice: First Aid;
• A company policy that multiple members of any survey team are to be trained and qualified in First Aid;
• A contractor and sub-consultant assessment process to evaluate, amongst other things, the skills and competency and commitment of contractors to carry out work in a safe manner;
• Industry training of the appointed Health and Safety Representative; and,
• An annual review of the effectiveness of the Orbit and safety systems and their performance.


The quality management system (QMS) in Orbit is a set of policies, processes and procedures in our core business area ensures the company’s ability to meet client’s requirements.

The purpose of our QMS is:

• Establishes a vision for the employees;
• Sets standards for employees;
• Builds motivation within the company;
• Helps to fight the resistance to change within the company
• Helps direct the corporate culture

Orbit developed and implemented a QMS to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide services that meet client and regulatory requirements, and to address customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including continual improvement and the prevention of nonconformity.

A specific “Quality Plan” will be written for a specific project when required by the client or applicable government specification. Processes which are applicable, but which are performed by outside contractors, do not qualify for exclusion. They are accounted for in the QMS to ensure control over such outsourced processes.

The QA Manager is responsible for identifying those requirements necessary for Orbit. Orbit’s executives evaluate the work done by the company’s staff and review every step of the work to ensure compliance with all company’s policies and public regulations..


Geotechnical Materials & Testing Environment Hydrogeology Water Resources Instrumentation Occupational Hygiene Land Surveying Building Science

Orbit is well positioned to deliver the required services and exceed
your expectations at critical points during the project.