CCIL and MTO Approved Concrete, Soil and Aggregate Laboratories
Certified CNSC for use and carrying nuclear gauges

Inspection and Testing

• Ready-Mix concrete sampling and testing; slump, entrained air, compressive strength
• Tieback Anchor Performance and Proof Test Monitoring
• Raker Pre-stressing Monitoring
• Reinforcing Steel
• Structural Steel Inspection
• Earthworks/subgrade compaction control
• Soil bearing capacity; spread footings, caissons, driven piles
• Chemical and physical testing of soil
• Pre-cast concrete, concrete blocks, bricks, mortar, grout
• Pavement and asphalt quality and compaction control
• Asphalt mix design reviews

Concrete Testing

• Visual inspection of structures (OSIM)
• Non-destructive testing of concrete components (NDT) including schmidt hammer and cover meter survey
• Concrete coring and testing
• Post tensioned cable inspection
• Concrete Laboratory testing
• Evaluation and Structural Rehabilitation
• Forensic Evaluation
• Concrete Pull-Out Tests, LOK Tests
• Maturity Tests
• Evaluation of Concrete Materials and Plants
• Mix Design for Concrete
• Concrete Materials Testing
• Research and Development
• High Strength Concrete Technology
• Advanced Technology for Corrosion
• Freeze Thaw Testing and Evaluation
• Concrete Coring and testing

Bridge Condition Survey

• Detailed bridge condition survey for bridge structures
• Bridge biennial inspections


Geotechnical Materials & Testing Environment Hydrogeology Water Resources Instrumentation Occupational Hygiene Land Surveying Building Science

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