Geotechnical Services

• Subsurface investigation, bearing capacity and settlement analysis
• Design of Foundation Systems
• Slope and excavation stability assessments
• Pile Integrity Testing and load testing
• Earthquake design criteria
• Soil Improvement Recommendations
• Design of earth retaining structures and Underpinning
• Shoring systems evaluation and monitoring
• Expert testimony
• Inspection and testing of soil and rock
• Soil Dynamics and Machine Foundations
• Asphalt and concrete pavement; investigation, assessment and design
• Site Development and Preparation
• Design of Infiltration trenches
• Storm water retention structures and liners

Instrumentation & Monitoring

• Acoustic, Vibration And Instrumentation Services
• Shoring Inspection and Monitoring
• Pre-Construction Vibration Assessment and Monitoring during Construction
• Settlement Monitoring
• Vertical and lateral ground movement
• Crack Monitoring
• Tilt Monitoring
• Inclinometer Monitoring
• Noise monitoring
• Remote and Real Time Monitoring, use of VDV systems
• Tunnel wall convergences and support stresses and strains Monitoring


Geotechnical Services Materials Engineering & Testing Water Resources & Environment Building Sciences Land Surveying Occupational Hygiene

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