PSBA Section PS 3260 – Liability for Contaminated Sites

Since fiscal year 2014-2015, with the requirements of the Public Sector Accounting Board’s “Accounting Standard on Liability for Contaminated Sites” (PS 3260), public sector entities (federal, provincial and municipal governments, universities, schools and hospitals) need to meet their obligations to identify, report and account for the remediation liabilities associated with their contaminated sites. Orbit is experienced in evaluation and estimation of cost and liability for contaminated sites including:

• Estimation of direct cost attributed to remediation activity
• Evaluation of liability for remediation

Phase One Environmental Site Assessment (ESA Phase I)

• Canadian Standard Association (CSA) standards (Z768-94 & Z768-01)
• Ontario Regulations O.Reg. 153/04 and 511/09

Phase Two Environmental Site Assessment (ESA Phase II)

• Canadian Standard Association (CSA) standards (Z769-00)
• Ontario Regulations O.Reg. 153/04 and 511/09
• Soil and Groundwater Quality Assessment

Records of Site Condition

• Preparation and filing of Records of Site Conditionas per Ontario Regulation 153/04

Contaminated Site Remediation

• Soil and Groundwater Remediation
• Design and plan of remediation of contaminated sites
• Delineation of contaminated extend horizontally and vertically
• Short-term and long-term monitoring
• Remediation Option Evaluations
• Preparation of clean-up action plans

Other Environmental Services

• Environmental Assessment
• Risk Management Plans
• Pre and Post Occupation Environmental Investigations
• Environmental Compliance Monitoring and Reporting
• Environmental Investigations for Due Diligence and Financing purposes
• Subsurface Investigations and Baseline Environmental Surveys
• Monitoring Well Decommissioning
• Soil Vapour Investigations
• Environmental Compliances Approval (Air, Water, and Noise)
• Air Dispersion Modellingfor Gases and Particulates


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